MUK LUKS Paul - Men's Printed Berber Suede Moccasin - Pick Color

I purchased Muk Luks’ men’s Mark slippers and they are extremely well made, as are all their slippers. I think Muk Luks got their start making slippers and they know how to make them right. Can’t go wrong with any of them! In fact, at these prices, I think I’ll try another style.

Note: Just an FYI for Costco members - If you’re looking to spend less for slippers, I just saw they have Dearfoam Memory Foam Slippers at the warehouse. Their style is very close to these, but they don’t look nearly as nice or as well made as these. The men’s sell for $9.99. Even though they’re less than Muk Luks, I ended up getting a pair of the Muk Luks Erics this time. They look a whole lot nicer than Dearfoams and, as I mentioned earlier, I already have a pair of Muk Luks and love them, and the Erics get very good reviews on-line.

The slippers already arrived. I tried to tie them and the incredibly thin “laces” broke. Plan on buying usable laces if you order these. I would guess that is why Amazon moved them to woot.

I know they say “bow-tie detail” in the specs, which I assumed they meant are there for looks not function. But I guess I feel a little guilty because I said how good in quality Muk Luks are. But that’s been my experience and I put my money where my mouth is because I bought a pair of the ERIC slippers.