Muk Luks Women's Beaded Sandals

Anyone have experience with these? I like the Sierra and Mila, but have no idea what size to order. I generally wear 8 1/2. Depends on the brand for if I can go up or down…

No experience with these, although I was eyeballing the Mila sandals. I found a handful of reviews, and the those particular sandals seem to run true to size, if that helps you any.

Two reviews at saying they run true to size, although one reviewer thought they were a little narrow. If that’s true, they definitely won’t work for me.

A happy customer at Amazon.

This Kohl’s reviewer says they look cheap for the price.

Hey, Woot! Maybe some time could you offer stuff for your taller wooters? Maybe some longer inseams (34"+) or a women’s 11 medium shoe?
Not plus sizes, but something geared to those of us who took our Flintstones vitamins and grew like weeds. I really liked a few pairs of these sandals, but no joy for me.
And if you’re really thinking about using AA shirt blanks again in the future, I promise to buy more shirts, especially if you use women’s scoop neck shirts.

Wondering this also, do they run small or big?

THANK YOU!!! I second all of the above! I always look at the shoe deals knowing there won’t be anything that fits, but hopeful one day there will be!