Muk Luks Women's Malena Boots

My wife upon seeing this page: “it not f***ing crochet! It’s KNIT!”

So…there’s that.

Haha, may I recommend she send a sternly worded letter to Muk Luk (here)? Maybe she’ll even make the “Letters From You” part of the site!

Knit. Very, very nicely knit at that. Casual. Cozy. And sooo warm. And comfortable. AND in MY size?? Hey, I know karma when it gives me a warm, fuzzy slap across the face. Needless to say… 1 pair of the cute grey ones sold to the cold, crazy New Englander in the back! ツ

My first thought as well! I also get mad when something is described as woven which is clearly knit, or knit when it is clearly woven. Words have specific meanings! That’s why we have so many of them!

So, am I correct in understanding that these are only good for dry cold? This knit exterior won’t do a bit of good in snow or rain, right?

Do these actually stay up on your leg as pictured or do they slouch?

These would definitely be terrible in actively watery situations. But the sole is pretty sturdy if you’re just walking across a small accumulation. If you think you can go through puddles or large embankments of snow, prepare for a painful disappointment.

They will stay up, particularly if you have beefier calves like I do. I could see them slouching a little bit more if you’re blessed with less mass, but it’s not going to be an annoyingly all-the-way-down slouch.

Mine slouch depending on what kind of pants I’m wearing. Jeans - no slouching. But if I’m wearing a smooth polyester-ish type pant they do slouch. Other than the occasional slouching I absolutely LOVE my Muk Luks!

Do they fit wide calves? Like I have to buy wide calf boots normally because a regular boot won’t fit.

They fit mine, mine are mediumly girthy. If you can, or if you just know it, measure the widest circumference of your calves- we do have that measurement for these in the specs tab.

So, I really want a pair of these … but I just don’t know that it gets cold enough in Texas to warrant it.

My wife is a “half” size. Does anyone know if these run big or small?

I would love to know this also. Any word on the sizing of these?

Answered my own question by looking at Amazon reviews. Looks like they run just barely big. So if you’re a half size go down.

There are dimensions on the Specs tab if that helps.

Perhaps some people can chime in that have these?

Anyone know if the sole is light or heavy (like Keds shoes)? I bought a pair of Keds from Costso but found them not very comfortable. Was wondering if the sole was similar.