Mules from Moscow

As many people have said before when these came, up the whole purpose of the copper is to have it react (supposedly) with the drink. If you have a nickle plate on the inside, that defeats the whole idea. Also, multiple have said in the last Woot that the acid from the lime juice can wear away at the nickle plate, and nickle is a poison. I wouldn’t buy these if they were a buck.

whats the difference between a Moscow Mule and a Moscow ass? Ones a copper mug, the other is Vladimir Putin.

Bought these last time around. They are nice. Haven’t used them yet.

It really amazes me what catches on and becomes a fad. I just got an ad from Tuesday Morning that had these mugs in it too. Never heard of a “Moscow Mule” before, and didn’t think any drink required a copper mug with a nickel lining. Weird.

Looks like the ideal is a copper-plated stainless steel double-wall mug. Somebody make this happen.

The lining doesn’t stay on these very long. People on the Amazon review sections claim it’s from the acid of strong drinks.

I don’t even drink, and the lining was dissolving in milk. Ended up scrubbing the remainder off with a steel pad. Still great mugs.

The all stainless double wall “keep cool” mugs are good (also for “keep hot” duties). No one’s mentioned that the handles on the copper mugs is basically stamped out of either (take your pick) thick sheet or thin plate metal. Very thin, square edges. Very much non-ergonomic and uncomfortable. Better off not having them at all.