Multi-Function USB Outlets (2-Pack)

Multi-Function USB Outlets (2-Pack)

2.1A SHARED? No wonder they’re trying to get rid of them. Just ONE smartphone will want the full 2.1 amps all to itself.

No thanks.

I am a Prime member but your site will not allow me to login to select my purchase and not charge me a shipping fee. Called Amazon Care and they cannot resolve. Response is Woot associate would contact me within 24 hours. Very poor customer service and even worse website functionality.

I own these.
It takes forever to charge my iPhone and iPad at the same time. Also, it is a pita to have the usb below the plug outlets. They should be on top for easier access.

You’re completely right. I made the mistake of ordering three two packs (6 total) last time. If you plug two devices into the usb ports at the same time, they will conflict and neither will charge. It works okay for charging one at a time, though.

If you want the USBs on top, you could turn your outlet around in the wall, so the grounds are above the neutral and hot. NEC (National Electrical Code) allows them to be installed either way. Of course, the text on these adapters will be upside down, and the USB ports will let you plug in correctly on the third try ;-).