Multi-Pack Men's Ratchet Belt

Multi-Pack Men's Ratchet Belt

I can’t find any mention of the belt width; are they wide jeans belts? Thin dress belts?

1.2 inches

What is the length of the belt?

It fits waist sizes 28"-50"

Is the buckle Stainless Steel?
Allergic to all alloys:/

I’ve never seen how a ratchet belt works so was glad to see that a short video was included in the listing. But it’s totally useless. What’s the point of that?

Have been using different kinds of ratchet belts for a few years now.
The best one I’ve found is SlideBelt (which should be sold on Amazon),
sometimes on sale for under $30 each. The major differences in ratchet
belts aside from the belt material, is the buckle mechanism, which ranges
from awful to really useful.

The SlideBelt belt material isn’t as good as
others, which use Kevlar reinforced leather and should last a lfietime. So
I figure on maybe a few years before the belt bends out of shape (because
unlike a reversible belt, you can’t flip the belt to even out the bend in the
back) or frays.

But the SlideBelt lets you lfit the buckle to adjust the belt tightness,
unlike others which require you to move a sliding pin on the buckle (try
moving the pin when your belt is a snug fit, it’s impossible, and all you want
is to tighten or loosen a bit). I’ve found I need to adjust the belt tightnes
multiple times, first to loosen the belt so I can wear the pants, then to tighten
the belt after getting into the pants, then finally to tighten even further when
I’ve started taking a few steps. The SlideBelt lets me adjust the belt tightness
(or looseness) even while walking. I’ve liked this belt so much that whenever
Amazon puts them on sale (which is maybe once a year) at half price, I snap up
2 or 3 pieces.

So if you’re on the skinny side, there’s a bunch of excess length for the belt – maybe even long enough to tuck thru a second belt loop?

You cut the excess belt to size with scissors. I just started wearing one and will never go back to a standard buckle again. Here is what I got:
Reviews indicate that there is an issues with the pivot pins falling out of some buckles over time. I can live with that as the ease of adjusting the belt far outweighs that IMO.