Multi-Tools & Flashlights

The Dorcy 190 (41-4750) is a great flashlight. $14.99+S&H doesn’t really save you anything over the Mothership at $15.44, especially if you have Prime. I actually just ordered two more the other day that should be arriving today. It’s a great full-size flashlight for camping or the bedside table. It’s square so it doesn’t roll away, and the yellow color makes it easier to find than my other 50 black flashlights.

Does anyone know what the multitool in the main picture is?

My guess would be that it is a “Leatherman 831541 Fuse Multi-Tool” but hey, what do I know?

However, I would like to point out that in order to figure this out, I followed the advice of the shirt I am wearing right now:

Definitely not the Leatherman Fuse. I figured this out because I own one.

Packaging photo says it is. has the same Orange Fuse w/ Headlamp for $52.

It is definitely a Leatherman Fuse.I have bought this pack before. It even says it in the description.

This is my Leatherman Fuse.

I’m not sure what you bought that resembles the main photo seen here:

You both are probably referring to the product on sale which is a Leatherman Fuse in which the “main picture” is not.

alright, let’s try to be nice. maybe i can help clarify a little:

the main images are meant to give you a general sense of Woot Plus theme. occasionally, we have to use images that feature extra items or products not for sale in the current Woot Plus event.

we try to avoid this, but occasionally it’s our only option.
so, that multi-tool featured in the main photo may not appear in the sale itself this time around.

sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

My mistake. I clicked the “Discuss this Event” button from the Leatherman Fuse page and thought that’s the tool you where talking about.

“Multi-Tools & Flashlights”

Or, “One Multi-Tool and Some Crappy Flashlights”

That DieHard flashlight is no where near 160 Lumens… or whatever it lists… It seems to be a the bright side, compared to say, a maglight… But, the are much brighter lights out there…

Just so you know…