Multimeter with NCV Detector

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Multimeter with NCV Detector
Price: $32.99
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Condition: New


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Let’s hear from some 'lectricians… this thing any good?

This is a fantastic meter for the money. I bought mine in 2000 or 2001 for around $45, about half the price of a less-equipped Fluke. It’s performed very well for me. It’s made it through me working as an audio installer/TV repair guy to a foray into industrial electronics repair for about 5 years. I’ve changed the batteries a couple of times, blown a couple of fuses, but it still performs flawlessly. It’s been beaten around in my toolbox and never complained. I’ve compared its accuracy to Flukes and oscilloscopes, and it’s dead on. The freq counter was one feature that really impressed me. The thermocouple works well, too. I’m tempted to grab another at this price.

It’s a great model for small electronics, but the 10 amp limit makes it not really useful for residential wiring purposes. I’ve had one in the past and liked it.