Multiple purchases during a WOOT-OFF allowed?

Can I purchase more than one time per day during a WOOT-OFF?
I’m new to WOOT. I thought that a WOOT-OFF was starting tonight at midnite, but I’m a little confused since I’ve seen more than one item today.

Is it ongoing now, or is today just a rare exception and ther have been more than one item for sale?

Please help a noob out. I’m in the process of searching for the answers now.


A woot-off ends when it is over. it’s a mystery :slight_smile: you can get 3 of each item that comes up. Enjoy your first woot-off!

It started at midnight central time last night. It’s ongoing until who knows when. You can purchase one to three of as many things as you want.

Wow! Thanks for those quick replies!
That 'splains it all.

Looks like I may be up all night now looking for Christmas deals!

About how often do they have a WOOT-OFF?
And, I think I read that they can last 24-72 hours - does that sound about right?

younever know when they’ll be, sometimes there’s warning, sometimes not.
Yes, they can last up to 72 hours

Hey Pblgov!!! How you doing???

Hi zmanga, the shortest wootoff was less than a day. The longest was 72 hours. Most of the time it is around 40 something hours.

i have no idea what this woot-off thing is, care to shed some light on the subject?

Thanks again.
And - d’oh, I just read this in the FAQ …
Depending on its success, this may be a mode we would go into once or twice a month for a relatively short duration of time (24-72 hours generally.)

Answered both my questions.

Think I’ll do some more reading in the FAQ while i’m killing time til the next item comes up for sale.