Multiple Word Translation

I’ve been searching online for a very long time (weeks atleast). And I found tons of translation sites but I’m looking for a multiple translation site. Now before you jump ahead of me let me explain. Many sites have Site, Page, Sentence, Word translations that let you choose a translation from a drop down menu or a radio button.

What I looking for is a site that I can enter 1 word and it will translate that word to multiple languages at once.

For example:
I enter :

And I get something like:
Spanish - novia
Chinese - 女朋友 (nyu pon you)
Serbian - devojka
Norwegian - kjæreste

Hey, I coudn’t find a site like that, so I whipped up some code that fetches translations from different web services. I only did English, Spanich, French, German, and Korean. Let me know if you need/want any more.

I’ll take this page down in about a week. Feel free to keep the source code though.


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