Multipurpose Cleaning Gel, 6.75fl oz

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Multipurpose Cleaning Gel, 6.75fl oz
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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useful but not what I want

is this any good

Now this is a deal.

will this clean the tears from my face for not seeing a box of carrots yet…

I wasn’t sure what a 200ml was. Thanks for translating to American.

Obvious hint at 3 day wootoff. Goodnight.

ah… Gell???WTH?


Got it for the 55 inch LCD/LED TV and it works great. I paid a lot more than this.

I like this stuff. Really like it. I mean it.

$7 at Amazon. So if you buy 2 here you are doing well, 3 even better.

Hot Dog.

No amounts of cleaning gel will restore my F5 to what it once was.

Yo I heard your LCD has liquid in it, so we got you liquid to clean your Liquid Crystal Display

Gooey windex. Glad I’m still awake.

Creative writing 101, Woot? “A dirty monitor can ruin important photos and videos.”

It can?

It’s a jell?
So, whats in it then?
Since most manufacturers only recommend using plain ole water and a soft cloth to clean screens, I’d wonder if this would void any warranties.

You shouldn’t have.