Mumm Brut Prestige Magnum and Pinot Noir



Oh no.
This will be hard to resist.


Easy for me to resist. Thank you Wine.woot as I couldn’t afford another purchase this week. :slight_smile:


jwhite - I saw this and copied it for you.

Mumm Brut Prestige Magnum and Pinot Noir
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mill LIVES!!!


For those who may have forgotten, the Mumm Napa website.

God help us, everyone!



You had me at pinot noir. :o)

First sucker: shh64
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ratings? never seen the pinot noir


oh, no. must resist, have too much wine… but its Mumm (don’t know how long I can resist)


Current winemaker Ludovic Dervin dubs the Mumm Napa Brut Prestige $48/magnum “the quintessential Napa Valley sparkling wine.” We say this wine defines the Mumm Napa house style.

I think I’m going to have to think hard about this one. Bottle shock alone means that opening it for a few weeks isn’t a terrific idea, but . . .


I am very mad at the copy-monkeys at wine.woot for simply just calling this “Mag-Mumm Napa”. It’s shorter AND wittier!

My bank account and I thank you!

… oh man, 971 posts. I’m probably going to hit 1000 during this week or next. I feel old/addicted. I’m not sure which is worse.


I would consider this if it was the Cuvee M, but the Brut Prestige was my least favorite of the last offering. Price also seems like a bit of a stretch…


Looking for a much better deal on my New Year’s eve champagne buzz…
This one is just a waste of my money…


And the Side deal to boot! This is going to be a tough week protecting my pocket book :-/


the mag is $50 on the web site.


and 2 normal-sized bottles are under $20 each ($15.88 average on CellarTracker), and pretty widely available. The mag is less useful for a wine that’s not going to be aged very long.


Wine Spectator gives the Brut an 88.


Dang! No Ohio!

WD, I’m having a hard time as of late convincing my co-workers that wine.w00t is a great way to get good wines. I’ve been working on them since the Humbug! Just look at the line up since then:

-Wine game
*1.5L Elvis wine
*Humbug gift box
-Pasta and sauce
*Vino Noceto Quartet (great offering, but sold out too fast)

A now something not available to Ohioans in a big bottle!

This is getting to be a really hard sell!

I can’t wait for wine.w00t to get back to normal …

EDIT: wine.w00t, instead of win.w00t


Have to agree with you on this one! Great for the New Year’s festivities!


Already bought the side deal as a gift to a SIL. She tasted it once and I knew what she was getting for Christmas - the side deal just helps it along.