Mumm Napa Sparkling Trio

Mumm Napa Sparkling Trio
$49.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Bubbly
1 Mumm Napa Cuvee M Sparkling Wine
1 Mumm Napa Brut Prestige Sparkling Wine
1 Mumm Napa Single Vineyard Deveaux Ranch Sparkling Wine

Links above are to CellarTracker.

Thank GOD for an unique “condition” for a change! :slight_smile:

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I’m in!

Not a bad looking trio. No red, but not bad looking at all.

And here is the Mumm Napa web site. You’ll be asked to provide your age before they let you in.


Probably too much Chardonnay for me, overall. If it were the Sparkling Pinot instead… but oh well.

I’m in & I don’t even need sparkling!

shh64 is first!

OMG! I turned black! I’m better that everyone else!

Oh and all you folks who will undoubtedly ask about the RS factor, remember these are sparkling wines. Residual sugar is perceived quite differently in a sparkling wine as compared to a table (still) wine.

Da bubbles are like extra acidity.


When I heard Mumm, I knew I was going in. I do like sparkling and I am a little low on white sparkling. With the holidays coming, I wanted more.

Mill’s corpse is rolling over in its ditch! Glares at Nallie

Any mill sighting this week? I didn’t see it, but wasn’t looking.
Cuvee M: $14-18, 2006 rating 86
Brut prestinge: $12-16, 2006 rating 88.
Devaux Single Vineyard : no rating, No price.
Good review of the wine/vineyard

Shouldn’t it be ‘Petit’ Meunier instead of ‘Pinot’ Meunier?

Ugh, I want to pull the trigger on 3x, but I need to wait for some dust to settle to see if I can…

Hopefully it doesn’t sell out too soon.


No Ohio??? Did a law change since the Rasmussen offer?

Cool Beans! Look at the side deal!

I almost never drink sparkling wine, and I know nothing about it. I have probably only had it once. This looks like it could be a fun thing to get to help bring in the New Year. Are they going to be better than the $10 bottles you can find all over in the weeks before the New Year? I guess what kind of flavors can you expect with something like this?

I guess the one time I had sparkling wine I wasn’t impressed. I don’t remember what I had but I’m sure it was cheap. I’m going to wait on this, if others have good things to say about it I may be in.

CT price on the Devaux is $30.
Cuvee M is $16ish
Brut Prestige is $16ish
…making the CT cost for this trio $62 (before s/h). CellarTracker average rating agrees with the WS rating.

Yeah…I saw that and am contemplating getting some. It’s definitely not something you want to snack on before a date, though. :wink: