Mumm Sparkling Trio

Mumm Sparkling Trio
$54.99 + $5 shipping
1 2003 Mumm Napa Blanc De Blancs
1 2001 Mumm Napa Grande Année
1 Brut Rose’

Link to CT (above).

Anybody had this before? Considering…

woohoo First Sucker… for the second time :slight_smile:

Which is the one everyone loves from last offering? The blue or red label?

Bah, nevermind… my state is not on the list…

Way to go Joel…knock MM off his pedestal for a few days. :tongue:

Winery web site for those interested in such things.

The wines come to $84 (not including shipping) direct from the winery. This is like getting the Grand Année free!

MarkDaSpark …were you right or what? :happy:

You know what this means? Bubblykindagal is gonna be participating!

Yeah, this should put me in about 17th place on the all-time list :tongue:

Oh, and WD, no rattage this week… I’ll be in Austin, and Michelle isn’t interested.

in for a set-I know I won’t regret it


That being said - the Blanc De Blancs is simply amazing. An absolute treat that’ll have you disappointed you didn’t buy a bigger bottle…

Congrats JS!

These wines are rather unusual for Mumm to offer via woot. This offer is a better one than average due to the variety offered within, but I don’t see the Grande Annee on their website. The Blanc de Blancs is readily available, but not at th;is price. So what do you think the value of these bottles is?

Kudos to Mumm Napa for making a grammatically correct Blanc de Blancs. :slight_smile:



Correction: I wasn’t interested in buying the wine - free wine is always appreciated and welcome. :wink:

On CellarTracker (which trends below retail) the Grand Annee is $27+, the Brut Rose doesn’t have a price yet, and the BdB is $30+, so you’re basically getting the Brut Rose for free.

Sunday/Monday Public Service Announcement on upcoming Wine Woot gatherings (courtesy of cjsiege):


Join in the Fun!!! Meet the people behind the weird screen names and find out who’s really stalking you … :wink:

2001 Grand Annee was $30 at retail at the winery during the RPM tour. We did get a 30% discount, but I suspect this is a better deal.