Murican Metal

Cool. Shred 'em, Abe.

Thank you woot, from me and literally all of America! Not a single person, not a single acre of land isn’t grateful for this print. I promise I’m not being hyperbolic. I asked all of the people and acres myself, personally. I’m even talking about Canada. I asked them too. They said “Sorry we can’t respond ourselves, but Steven speaks for all of us.”

Congrats! Great illustration!

It’s true. The PM with great hair called aboot Steven’s design. We’ve all, unanimously, signed off on Steven’s proclamation of thankfulness and liberty.

Go Abe! Love the shirt! What’s the eagle shredding up in its left claw?

Fab design! Congrats Steven :blush:

Looks like one swastika flag, to me.

Y,know, like when Abe fought the Germans?


Words are pretty much ours to use as we please. But “Murican?” A bridge that is a bit far for me. Especially since all Americans come from way south Chile to way north Canada and the USA in the middle. I do have a warm spot in my heart for Abe. This is not to disapprove, but to offer a bit of a question. What is an “Murican?” Exactly?

It’s an idea. The term itself is used among people from the United States of America as both a celebration and condemnation of things we do here that are…a bit too much. It’s said mostly in jest. But those in the south and Canada in the north are as welcome to it as any.

A great shirt for our times, particularly the eagle’s stance on evil.

Many moons ago, attended an international high school overseas. Partnered up in chem class w/new student, just enrolled. He explained to me that he (Canadian) was as American as I (from U.S.)

I love this.

I just noticed that the eagle has a ripped up flag in its talons and that this is homage to the Heavy Metal movie. Great job!

Abradolf Lincler?

This is THE Abraham Lincoln, himself, fighting against such stupid and terrible and terribly stupid things.