Muscardini Cellars - 3 Pack

Muscardini Cellars - 3 Pack
$59.99 + $7.00 shipping
2 2008 Tesoro
1 2009 Barbera
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I assume the Barbera isn’t 24.4% alcohol?

Wow! 24.4% alcohol. Barb, Barb, Barb, Barbera Ann!

If it is, I’d want two of those and not just one! :tongue:

From the previous offering…

Website says 14.4% guess that typo never got fixed.

Has anyone tried these? They sound yummy…

Ahh… how nice to hear from the Night Ghost again, even if it is from as past offering. I’m sure many will agree that we all miss his questions to the vintners and quick wit with the comments!

If all three were the Barbera, I’d be in… Gotten the taste for it lately.

Get a room

I have been a wine club member for several years. The Tesoro and Barbera are favorites from Muscardini.

If I didnt already have extras from the wine club, I would be in for more.

What’s with that? The Night Ghost was a favorite among all woot!ers and I’m sure is definitely missed for his knowledge seeking, helpful hints and again, quick wit!

And oh those dimples

Get a life.

Interesting. The fruit for the Barbera is from Braren Pauli Wines, Redwood Valley Cellars in Redwood Valley, CA.

My Mom used to work for this winery and although their main business is custom crush and storage, they made good wines, especially Italian styles. I’m sure this Barbera is good.

No way! And interfere with my wooting off?

In for 2 - this is the kind of interesting wine that I like to buy and put away for a couple of years. I’m heading to CA in August and I hope I’ll have the opportunity to visit the winery…

Had these wines and loved them, but they were an earlier vintage that I picked up at their tasting room last year. In for one.


can anyone tell me about these? I’m trying to make up my mind… are these bold? More fruit forward? Is it worth the price? Help!!!