Muscardini Cellars Mix 2+1 Pack

Just had the 2007 Tesoro a couple nights ago. Great stuff! Drinking really well now but wouldn’t hurt to forget about it in the cellar.

23.5% alcohol? Extra fortified wine?

From TT: Oops, I’ll see if I can get that fixed.
Update: And Fixed. THANKS!

Muscardini Cellars Mix 2+1 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
2 2008 Tesoro (Treasure) Proprietary Red Blend, Sonoma Valley, Sonoma County
1 2010 Rosato di Sangiovese, Monte Rosso Vineyard, Sonoma Valley
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You fall asleep after all that Turducken??? Just getting ready to post if you hadn’t woken up! :wink:

I wish!!

He’s got a tasting room he shares with Ty Caton. I always buy too much when I visit it.

Ty and Michael share some grapes too. the '07 Tesoro used Cab from Caton vineyard.

Props to Woot for the write-up; it explains a lot!

This stuff’s meant to be great. It’d very different from Ty’s stuff too, so they say, but how, I can’t say, as I haven’t tried it!

On the Muscardini web site, the 2008 Tesoro is $47 per bottle and the 2010 Rosato is $22 per bottle. That is a total of $116 for the 3. So, you have almost a 50% discount before shipping and tax. I have not tried the Rosato, but the Tesoro is a wonderful wine. In for 2.

Can you guys give a description of what it tastes like. What grape style does it most resemble? Tannins, acidity, fruit? Fruit-forward or somewhat more austere or European, or a fun middle-ground? What food might it pair with?

I know lots of you have tasted this… please let’s hear your opinions and suggestions!


We did taste both wines a couple of weeks ago while in the tasting room. While I can’t remember the style or grape that dominated the Tesoro blend $46 I can tell you we ended up taking a bottle of it home with us at full price. Our notes show it was rated 8 out of 10 and a smiley face which is pretty generous from us.

The Rosato shows $19 on the tasting menu and our notes include “Beautiful Rose’ for hot weather”.


Can you please double check shipping to CT? It is not included in the “ship to states” but Muscardini does allow CT shipping on their website. Thx.

Good Morning from Sonoma Valley. What fun to wake up and see Muscardini Cellars on woot. So hard to focus this AM, as I’m still recovering from a huge food hangover and a “doing dishes” hangover.

It’s a beautiful morning and looks like it will be a treasure of a day.

Is there such a thing as too much wine? Heading to the TR in a little bit for a huge Sonoma Valley Wine Tasting event. I’ll refresh my 08 Tesoro tasting notes then. Nice to see your post Mr. Mark.

Hi Lassow, the cab in the 08 is from Ty’s vineyard also. This Tesoro is 30% Cab.

I more thing, the picture of the Rosato is terrible. It looks like mucky, yellowee-pink liquid. The Rosato is actually a lovely pink color, very dry rose. A real pretty wine.

THanks Mr. Rich, I love this wine around the holidays because the bottle is so beautiful and looks good on holiday tables. Oh and yes, its contents definitely live up to its label.

have a great day in Houston

It it when you have to keep renting new wine lockers!!! :tongue:

Thanks!! Nice to see you back here Winegirl!!! For those new ones, Winegirl was working (and extremely helpful to all of us) for Ty Caton when his nectar first showed up on Wine.Woot, plus she joined us for dinner in Sonoma during the first RPM Historical Tour.

Then she switched to the evil twin, Michael. :wink:

For me this wine is hard to describe. It has a very nice fruitiness from the Sangiovese combined with sophisticated taste from the Cab, rounded off with a Syrah that seems to bring the Sangio and Cab together. My wine industry palette points to “yum, it’s good”, especially after being opened for 20-30 min.

When I have asked Michael about how he makes this wine (and his other wines), one of the first things he talks about is that the wine be food friendly. It is very important to him that his wines pair nicely with food.

Being an italian style winemaker and the Tesoro being his super-tuscan flagship wine, this wine would pair nicely with large sophisticated italian meals. Since I don’t cook very italian, I usually drink this with spaghetti during the week, or with pizza on Fridays.

I switched to get away from the evil twin. Ha-ha, Ty will like that one. How long ago was that 1st tour? I must be 26 by now.