Muscardini Mixed Red (4)

Muscardini Mixed Red 4-Pack
$99.99 $260.00 62% off List Price
2012 Rancho Salina Red Blend, Sonoma Valley
2013 Merlot, Sangiacomo Vineyards, Sonoma Valley

What’s the varietals in the blend?

What’s up with the 15.5% alc on the merlot?

What’s going on with the sales call I got from the winery on Friday afternoon? Never had a winery do that before…

This looks like a deal. Gonna hide these away for a year or two. :slight_smile:

molarchae and I both had sales calls from them in the last month as well.

That’s quite odd.

Klez & Cortot: Pls check PMs

Saw the producer name and thought for a moment these were from Muscadine grapes. Whew!

What is up with the calls? I got one on 12/11, wasn’t home and didn’t leave a message, but it was on the call list.

I figured the call was because I used to be a member of their club. Joined a number of years ago, when Ty and Michael opened their shared tasting room.

Very good wines overall, more in a new world style. Wish VA was on the shipping list, I would pull the trigger.

Well done cortot. Was just getting ready to follow the link.

These both look pretty interesting, and at well below winery price of $60/btl or even average CT pricing.

Just wish we could get a bit of producer participation with some additional labs beyond only AbV.
The ‘new world’ comment helps, but isn’t quiet enough to punch the big button, and I’m struggling with storage, still…
Participation is what makes woot special, and why many of us keep visiting.

It’s difficult from the phone which is where most of my forum reading/posting is done. But it’s the weekend and I am actually sitting in front on my computer. So proper formatting and all…

This offer is a prime candidate for a split.

Agree. You in?

Back in March of 2011 I bought a Muscardini offering and I made a note that if anything by them came up again BUY Buy Buy

I went to the tasting room several years ago and was blown away by ALL of their wines. They are the only wine club I still belong to. I also got a call from them last week about a deal on some of their library wines but I thought it was because I was in the club. Muscardini = awesome and Mike is a super nice guy. This is a must buy for me and a great deal.

Don’t want to sound snarky, but you’ve been around a long time and this is your first post, any chance you were contacted and requested to post or notified this offer was up?

Still hoping for winery participation and some notes on these bottles.

This is my first post ever on wine woot and no, I was not contacted and asked to post anything. I am just so impressed with the Muscardini wines that I had to post. If you really like something you should share.