Muscardini Red - Three Pack

Muscardini Red - Three Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2008 Monte Rosso Sangiovese
1 2007 Unti Vineyard Syrah
1 2007 Tesoro

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Wow… woot finally got Muscardini on here. They are in the same tasting room as Ty Caton.

Nice job getting Michael to put some juice up for us!

Muscardini & Ty Caton share (or at least they did in the recent past) tasting room facilities and I had an opportunity to sample both winemakers’ offerings when we were out there.

I wish the Barbera was in the pack instead of Syrah. Gonna have to think about this…

I am giving this woot offering a personal recommendation. The Tesoro is a spectacular wine.

Muscardini has nice reviews at yelp

Well i
have to try this juice in for 1


Hello late night wooters. It’s an honor to be back and representing Muscardini. Did the woot gods forget to use spell check? Hope everyone is well.

This is sooo tempting!

How are these drinking now? How long to hold them?

I was going to say Good Evening but perhaps its Good Morning for you. We do indeed still share the same tasting room and probably still have the same staff working there.

Hope your well. It’s been a while.

As Corrado pointed out, they share a tasting room with Ty Caton. We have a 2006 Tesoro, will probably open it tomorrow! Only great things to say about both Muscardini and Caton. Their tasting room is willing to wheel and deal and makes for a great stop in Sonoma.

It looks like they are exchanging ‘E’ and ‘O’ tonight.

Thanks for the corrections, Cesare. How’s your vocab? Challenge Question: What does Tesoro mean? (no googling)

Treasure. I am fluent in Italian.

Wasn’t there a bunch of Barbera on woot not too long ago? Not sure we enough Barbera to make an offering with.

Flattery will get you almost everywhere. Thanks for the kind recommendation.

Wow an 06, I can never hang on to wine that long. I believe that they do wheel and deal in the tasting room. I guess what happens in the TR stays in the TR. Thanks for the kind words.

Yeah but not Muscardini. I mean just look at these tasting notes! drooling
Stopped by in July 2008 and loved it. Will be back again this July.

Gonna taste the 08 Sangio tomorrow nite. I will let Michael comment on the cellarability and drinkability. He’s the expert. He’ll be on in the am.

We look forward to your visit.

btw how do I get a quality post? Who do I have to talk to?