Muscle Food Labs Plant-Based Proteins

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Muscle Food Labs Plant-Based Proteins
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Hemp Protein. If you’re military like me steer clear of this!

I’m not a scientist, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work like that.

More Info on the Product Page

ALL 24 grams of protein are derived from wholesome plant & seeds sources.

[from the package] NO DAIRY NO SOY

But soy beans ARE a plant, are they not? Seems very strange…

The only argument against this product is that’s it’s sweetened with aspartame.

Why would you make a healthy Vegan protein supplement powder then sweeten it with a chemical. Hmmm

Carefully re-read the ingredients…

Yeah not true. You won’t test positive for THC/CBD by consuming hemp…

Soy protein is both GMO laden and boosts estrogen so if you truly care about your protein source you would be smart to avoid soy based protein products.

Anyone tried it? How does it taste? Does it mix well with milk/coffee/water? Does it make you feel stronger? Can you put it in your gas tank and use it to power your car? Do you think any plants were harmed while making it?

Peace, love, and gainz.

Soy protein is highly processed, and bad for men, as the body interprets it as estrogen. That is why they say no SOY

I will only get this if Chad endorses this product

Still has a point. Because it contains Stevia and Xylitol. When in reality it is always best to intake some carbs with protein, since they go hand in hand. Too many companies add artificial sweetener (yes I include Stevia in that list, because even though it comes from a plant it really is very very processed) of one form or another and not a natural sweetener/carb to their protein powder.

Yes it does work that way. At no time did I say it can be tested/detected.

What I said is that it is PROHIBITED by the military:

Huh! Well you learn something every day. Thanks for sharing!

This stuff is full of GMO’s. No thanks!

This is an embarrassing level of backtracking.