Muscle Toning and Pain Relief

“Common bulgy areas such as the lower abdomen, love handles, and pancreas may also appear slimmer over time.”
I have always wanted a slimmer pancreas… HUH???

Cheaper on Amazon, and free shipping

So I use this instead of exercising? Sounds simple enough. What could go wrong?

LMAO… see link below for actual results. Don’t be naive.

Woot, could you please engage the enlarge feature for the picture of the Ab transform turbo? I would love to get a better look…


I don’t think that video really gives @paschendale69 what they were getting at :wink:

BTW, would you please remove that moving ant from your image, it’s extremely annoying and makes me itch all over every time I’m forced to see it. Thank you.
[NVM: I just blocked the URL for that annoying graphic so it will never be loaded on any of my devices.]

HAHAHA, I’m busted… guilty as charged