MusclePharm Assault, Grape - 30 Servings

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MusclePharm Assault, Grape - 30 Servings
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Anyone know if this is the new formula or the old one?

That’s difficult to say. The packaging in the pictures appear to be the newer formula, while the ingredients (in specs) aren’t fully clear, but still appear to be of the older version. It states that a serving size is 23g, which makes me think it’s older because the newer Assault serving size is only 14.5g. This is because the older version contained more creatine, etc. if I’m not mistaken.

Just curious, do you prefer the older or newer version??

In summary, I suppose it is whether you believe the pictures or the specs.

Good call on the serving size–I think you’re right. I was comparing ingredients btwn this and the new formula on I’ve had the old formula a bunch of times and have been wanting to try the new version to see if I can tell any difference. Grape is my favorite flavor–it’s the only one I’ve had that doesn’t taste too sour.

I love a good pre-workout and have tried quite a few. Currently I really enjoy ON Platinum PRE. I found MP Assault to be a bit too sweet. Its a personal choice depending on how you like your drinks but I enjoy the “bitiness” of PRE VS this stuff. Both do their job though don’t get me wrong. Just thought I would offer that up to everyone.

Beefcake! BEEFCAKE!!!

Can you use something like this with supplements like Factor 2?

This is the new formula. You can tell by the graphics on the container.

…except that manufacturers change their containers all of the time while keeping the content the same. “Frosted Flakes has a new look!” It could be a new formula, but you can’t judge a book by its cover.

If I get this do I have to work out?

If you take it, it’ll certainly make you feel like working out.

Just asked the buyer to clarify: this is indeed the new formula!

However, if you look at my previous comment you will see that the graphics show a new container, but the ingredients show the old formula. I would think it more likely for someone to get the ingredients correct when setting up the Web page and just throwing any similar graphic up without realizing it is slightly different.

I have been taking the new formula. I do get a little extra during lifting workouts. Decent rating on … Musclepharm overall is a good brand. I have to be careful to use just a bit less than the serving size. Sometimes it feels like my skin is on fire if I’m not careful. I accidentally used a rounded scoop one time… not fun. :slight_smile:

Awesome-nice work! In for 3

not sure if this is the version i had but if it is, it is very sweet like others have said. Also I had an issue with it where I would get light headed and one eye would become very sensitive to light to the point where I would lose vision in that eye for a few seconds up to a few minutes. I’ve taken several different pre workouts and this is the only one to have caused that problem.

Is this the “purple drank” all the kids are raving about?