MusclePharm Pre-Workout Mixes

Does anyone happen to know if this is the new or old formula? Doesn’t make a big difference to me really since I love the old stuff and haven’t tried the new one.

Specs are showing the old formula. The new formula has nitrates in it. Pretty good price on the old formula. I can find 30 servings for $20 with higher shipping costs. This is a much better deal. Tempted…

Appreciate it. Didnt have the old formula memorized and was too lazy to look it up. In for atleast one.

I always am very pleased with muscle pharm and it was the first preworkout I actually stuck with. If you havent tried one yet, heres your chance.

I can’t remember which, but either the blue raspberry or the raspberry lemonade tastes like dying.

I think it’s the blue raspberry, because i remember the drink being blue and thinking perhaps I was drinking draino instead of a preworkout supplement.

Out of the 6 or 7 pre workouts that I have tried, assault is probably my favorite. Raspberry lemonade and green apple being my two favorite flavors. Normally 45 servings is $30 I believe.

I didn’t really like the flavor of raspberry lemonade. There was nothing raspberry nor lemonade about it. It tasted like syrup and sour.

Are they going to bring this one back soon? … Damn i missed out!