MuscleTech Phase8 Protein (4 Flavors)

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MuscleTech Phase8 Protein (4 Flavors)
Price: $34.99
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2/22/2014 - $34.99 - 52 comment(s)

The chocolate is great, but this isn’t a great price. It’s $44, buy one get one 50% off over on right now and they will occasionally run buy 1 get 1 free.

For two shipped you’re looking at about $75 either way, but BB can have your stuff at your door within a day.

Comments from a previous sale

Great reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at and


IT has high ratings on Phase8 Bodybuilding but from personal experience it doesn’t taste that great at all. I had two 5lb strawberry and vanilla and not only did it taste bad it didn’t dissolve well.

The glycine and taurine (especially so high on the ingredient list) are there to hide the lower actual protein count… Who knows what you’re getting but it’s not what you think. Google it, that’s why this stuff is cheap.

Otherwise, the taste, mixing are fine to me. Good idea in theory. But I won’t be getting it again.

It’s a shame they don’t sell/give samples of these protein mixes…so many of them taste bad, that spending $30+ for one, without knowing what it tastes like, gets very costly!
I tried a 2lb tub of another brand…about $16…but hated it. Finally found the one I Like and will stick with it…EAS Vanilla.

BB.Com Coupon: 2014SUPPAWARDS
10% off. My total for 2 came to: 69.82 including shipping.

no thanks, i’ll stick to my optimum nutrition.

I bought two of these last time and they worked pretty well for me. Digested very easily, no GI issues. Only issue is that they are a little too powdery and can make a bit of a mess when you scoop (I ordered vanilla and strawberry and it would sometimes create a bit of a powder dust cloud that settled on my black granite countertops). I like Optimum Nutrition too, but those are $58 w/free shipping; 2 for $75 here vs. 2 for $116… I think I’ll do these again, even if it means wiping off my countertops a little more frequently.

It’s a decent price for an above average protein supplement. The chocolate is the best tasting, in my opinion. Vanilla can taste rather chalky when consuming it by itself, so I tend to mix it in with fruits and vegetables when I’m using my blender. Like other reviewers pointed out this protein powder can make a mess. Whenever I pour the powder in a container too fast, POOF, you’ll see some get into the air to either fly away or settle down onto the counter. The size of the tubs don’t help that much either if you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt or a suit and you’re trying to scoop some protein up knowing it’s over half empty. I worked around it by putting 1-scoops in small containers that go conveniently over a Blender Bottle, then transfer the rest in an empty 2-lb tub when I have the time. It’s a little time consuming, but I’d rather carry a 2-lb tub than a 4-lb when it’s tucked away in my gym bag and I’m travelling.