Museum Masters: Hand Painted Reproductions

It’s important that all my fake paintings come with a certificate of authenticity, like these do. Perhaps that is what should go in the frame.

Are these from Shenzhen?

Which size is correct? Specs show something different? Are the specs also a forgery?

Overstock Art Hand Painted Reproduction Klimt - The Kiss

Size 20x24

Dimensions w/out Frame: 30 W x 40 H
Dimensions with frame: 34.75 W x 2 D x 44.75 H

Damn… that Last Supper is super nice! I need to think about it. Though it may be a little odd drinking a sixer of The HighLife while that is across my apartment… looking at me.

No Joseph Ducreux? No dogs playing poker? Classics indeed. Fie and Feck.

The placement of the reproductions in the fake rooms give a false idea of size according to the dimensions… unless of course these are tiny little elf rooms but without a figure in the photo who knows?

These are not reproductions or even close. If you are comfortable with someone’s personal interpretation of a masterpiece done with minimal skill then this is the deal for you.

I got one for my wife not realizing that it’s not an actual reproduction. She says she “loves it”, but, I think she loathes it as much as I do but doesn’t want to hurt my feelings.

that’s why its considered one of a kind. Its like peter m4x smearing a stroke or two of his brush over a poster and called it one of a kind mixed media original that sells for thousands. Its faster than signing a baseball.

Hi all!

Here’s a video of our hand-painted oil reproductions being re-created by hand!

That was really interesting. Thanks for posting that!