Museum Masters

Are these hand-painted or machine reproduced?

Can anyone speak to the quality of the canvas and the reproduction?

These are sold on as well.

There the description says “Printed using giclee, which is an advanced printmaking process. Reproductions are virtually indistinguishable from the originals. Giclee is accepted by many galleries, museums and private collectors.”

Rumor has it that every Halloween, Van Gogh’s ghost rises from the grave and hand paints these reproductions with the luminiferous ether on an ectoplasmic canvas. Unfortunately, those are difficult to wrap for delivery, so the manufacturer uses a printer on a more conventional canvas.

Did I miss it or was the frame depth not listed?

Looking at the listings elsewhere, they appear to be 2" deep.

I purchased Grimshaw’s “Figure in the Moonlight” (the big one) here a few months ago. It’s awesome. I mean, I didn’t go to art college or anything, but I am very pleased with this purchase. It seems to be good quality, sturdy and very good looking.

Pretty, but why is it always the Impressionists? Gimme some Durer or Raphael any day. (Except for that cherub thing Raphael did. That’s as overdone as that fox song.)

Hint hint HINT

I’ve passed your suggestions on to our buyer. :slight_smile: