Mush II Women's Sandals - Blue

These look better than the mens!

I have these and love them. In fact, I’m talking myself out of buying them by saying over and over again “I have them, I have them, I don’t need to buy them”.

In for a pair! I need a decent pair of flip flops (non-dollar store or old navy $2.50 type). They look great, and are bound to come in handy to my trip to Myrtle Beach in October!

I’m in the same boat- I have the grey ones and they’re so nice…i don’t nned an exta pair this close to Fall…but these are really comfy.

Haha, my not needing them wasn’t just “I have them in another color so I don’t need these” but “I have them in this color and many other colors and there’s no more room in my closet for them”. But I need backups, because if I forget to put them in the closet my cat attacks them and destroys them. Well, not completely destroys them, but puts enough claw and teeth marks in them to make them not as comfortable as they were originally.