Mush II Women's Sandals - Pink

Ok, I’ll take a pair.

You are showing size 6 and 7 but won’t let me select the 7…any help here?

I bought these when they were on Woot Plus. They are very comfy and attractive. I’d advise getting a size up, and be advised they are also quite narrow. Not a huge problem as they ‘mush’ down.

Only size 6 or 7? Damn that sucks… I was going to get a pair of these for the wife as a xmas gift. Extremely good price and they are top notch quality and comfortable (I have 2 pair of the mens version of these, and they are hard to find these days)

Damn I really wanted to get her these… she is size 8 or 9

I bought the men’s sandal the last time and they were light with a good arch support. What’s up with the size 6 & 7? Going after the petite feet :slight_smile:

I bought these a while back on woot, very comfy. Pretty true to size and maybe a little narrow. Grabbing another pair.

Guess I won’t grab them, 7 is gone.