Mush Women's Adapto Sandals - Green

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isnt this the third pair of these damn sandals to go through the woot off today?

I have to keep telling myself that even though Teva Mush sandals are really comfy, I don’t need any more pairs.

These need to be combined into one woot with choice of colors!


Anybody else getting a server error when they try to buy? Since it’s still at 100% left…maybe I’m not the only one.

I love tevas but not thongs. I joined the woot off late, so now I am wondering about what I missed. Where any f the other Tevas sandles or were they all thongs?

Me too. I am large of foot and big stuff sells out fast, so i jumped right on these and it has been a never-ending circus of server errors.

Except without elephants, since that would make it awesome.

Me too


Me Three. Give me a size 7, damn it!

Me three

And awesome…now that the server error is fixed my size is sold out. Oh well…off to bed.

Same here, been trying since they became available, error each time.

Some people are clearly getting them, but it’s still broken for me. It says size 7 is still in stock, but I can’t checkout yet.

Someone at Woot HQ apparently wants the only one, and has a lock on the 7s… :wink:

The 11’s were locked too and I finally just got in, so try the 7’s again!

I’ve tried at least 30 times!

Fail. 5 server errors on the 7s.

I tried to get the 8’s a few times and kept receiving a server error. I hope I didn’t miss out on these. Bought them the last time and my mom almost stole them off my feet!