Music For Dummies

Hey WootBot,

Any guitars for left-handed dummies? Want one!

Just string it upside down like that dummy Jimi Hendrix!

You make somewhat of a point but here is the problem. The junk guitar WOOT is hawking here could not be played with any great sound by even Jimi himself. Woot has some really great deals at times and I have been lucky enough to get in on a few but, when it comes to stringed instruments I have not seen one offering that was worth the sales tax much less the price. If you want to play or if you want to get a gift for someone that wants to play, DO NOT GET ON OF THESE! How can I say it any clearer, J-U-N-K! BTW, I have 40+ years on the guitar.

Just a word of caution to anyone contemplating buying either the guitar or uke pack: DON’T

These are incredibly low-quality instruments. The intonation is wrong, they will not have been properly set up, and their individual components are incredibly low-grade. The result is that they simply will not sound good, and because of that they will likely be so frustrating that anyone using them will give up trying.

Do yourselves a favor and invest a bit more for something worthwhile. You can get a very solid entry-level uke for about $150, and an entry-level guitar for about $250. The quality, playability, durability, and enjoyability will be more than worth it.

These? Shootz den, they’re not even good for wall hangers.

That seems like a very high price for a beginner Uke. Pretty sure you can get a decent one <$50. And you can usually find a Fender mini-Squire for <$100.

You can and, they will be crap too. The best entry level instrument (unless money is no object at all) is a good used instrument that was better built to begin with and has had loving care taken with it.