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*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

this is really cute, awesome design! baby blues kill me tho, so i must pass…

Hooray, more editors choice!

Not a bad design and looks pretty good on the baby blue. Didn’t expect a baby blue shirt tonight, and also didn’t think we’d be seeing anymore Editors choice! Very random that it came back literally right before the derby.

YAY!!! Grats on the print Radiomode!!! Great Editor’s Choice!

It’s the holidays… you’re surprised by this? :wink:

Congrats, radiomode. I wonder if there would have been more ECs if not for this week being Thanksgiving? Either way, very creative.

Hoping for some randoms next week. I’ve decided to be thankful for the Wild Turkeys Rule I got last time and wear it to the festivities today.

This shirt is just so awesome on so many levels. I think I am going to have to get it…I’m going broke!!!

What a pleasant surprise! I love this shirt, and payday was today. What a wonderful coincidence.

i love the concept, design, & the little birds jammin’ out to headphones.

I want the design!!! Just not on baby blue!!! :frowning:

Didn’t remember seeing this one again. Like a lot though… May get it… Can’t make up my mind right now

Woohooo! WTG Radiomode. Great design! I’m in for one ;-). Congrats!

Best design in awhile. Glad to be back buying good shirts.

i look terrible in baby blue, pass for me!

Congratulations, radiomode!!!

(yea, more ECs!)

Does anyone else find the shirts in different colors fit/feel different? I love the baby blue ones. They are the softest I feel.
I’ve loved this design for a while now!

Coffee, Pink Floyd, and this shirt. Darn it all, woot, I’m trying to save money for my trip to NYC in two weeks. This is the first night where I’ve wanted everything woot has to offer.

I think others have noted differences, yes. I most often see people commenting that the heather grey is the softest.

Shout out to Woot - please randomly pick one of my old entries and print it for the holidays. It’ll be awesome! :wink:

Congrats on the excellent print, Radiomode. If the shirt was a green (and the design palette retooled accordingly) I would seriously be considering a purchase. Unfortunately, baby blue is not my colour. Spring-ATRON is all the baby blue I need. :tongue:

So will this be another week of ECs, or is this just a special one for Thanksgiving? What does everyone think?