Music is Life

Very cool shirt. Congrats on being the derby champ!

we can see which one won
but why cant we buy?

I don’t know why this isn’t on the front page yet, but one of my brother’s friends would love this shirt.

very nice but an ipod? i like something that’s more universal and non-nowish. yes, nowish is a word…that i just made up.

I have school tomorrow… i stayed up so i could buy this :frowning: I don’t like these games woot! I give you the money, you give me the shirt!

Grats, very nice shirt!

Sweet looking design. Thumbs up!

awesome shirt, in for one.

i estimate this will sell out by 3:34am

Congrats (again)!

I love green on dark shirts. This one probably will look real nice.

I don’t like the ipod lying there across the bottom of the shirt…the green swirls are nice but I just wouldn’t like wearing this…:\

If it wasn’t for the ipod on the shirt I’d buy one.

Eh, I was expecting something actually related to music, not consumer’s electronics.

I can seriously dig this shit.

Woot you have gone above and beyond with these Derbys you have…

I love you more than ever again!

awesome shirt, in for one

awesome looking until I saw the ipod :frowning:
solved my dilemma of whether or not I wanted to buy it

Kinda like the fish shirt…but with headphones?

Sweet shirt but crappy mp3 player. Would’ve bought it if it didn’t look exactly like one of them pods of craps.

Love it. It’s very… green! :heart:

That’s no iPod – that’s a Sansa!