Music of Sound

Like the design, but not so sure about the colors. Grats to the artist though.


maybe if it wasn’t such an ugly green.

Total “Big Red Ball” book ripoff. FOR SHAME!

It did make me remember the book though. Wow.

looks like if dr sues drew srg. peppers band

Eh, it’s close, color scheme just doesn’t quite work for me, or the words “The Band” on the drum. If it would have been some different colors, definitely, but olive pink and yellow? I’ll have to pass.

if it was about “the Big Band Era” I would buy it in a heartbeat for brother, he loves that kind of music. This made me think more of high school marching band. Not so much

pass…really not feeling the color.
still kicking myself for not getting yesterdays!
oh well :frowning:

Love it.
Now to find some money…

If it meant he got to be alive again, I bet john wayne would rock any shirt we asked him to

guess i’ll chime in with some positive comments since so many are negative

really liked the design on first sight… like the color, since i don’t have any shirts in that color yet (variety is the spice of life)… and i’m really into music and this reflects that in a trippy way.

Screaming blue meanies, line 1.

Sgt. Peppers similarity is the perfect motivation to get this for my college bound Grandson who is an absolute Beatles freak!

i dont have $10 but i dont care love it sooo much im buying one

this is true… i like it but the green is why iam not in for one

“When the players tried to take the field the marching band Refuse(d) to Yield

Always loved those lyrics, so the title of this shirt *almost *sold me. A football field as part of this design would have been perfect - for me. Only thing holding me back is the olive, but the morning is still young.

I like it. I like the colors and the swirliness. It’s nice and retro.

/however, I am broke. :frowning:

interesting design, but I think you need to live in Seattle or someplace to wear an olive tee successfully …

I don’t why, but I’m totally into this shirt. I think the colors look great together. Thanks Woot!

Haha love the description and the classic American Pie reference. I think the colours work, too, but something about the people throws me off and I’m not a fan of center placement

It was sixty years ago today…(okay three months shy…)