Music of Sound

It was sixty years ago today…(okay three months shy…)

Ha Ha! This is awesome, I wish a friend of mine didn’t work for a cruise line. I’d call her up and tell her about this shirt, being the ex-band person she is…

The Band

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Up on Cripple Creek

Well my son is in the high school band and likes the design, but the color…PASS, sorry man. Great design though.

The green color looks a LOT better in person. I might get one.

I’m thinking it’s like ‘Dr. Suess meets the Partridge Family’.

I have to tell you all that the olive AA shirts are actually a pretty nice color

I don’t know about the puke green. It kinda doesn’t do it for me.

i would’ve gotten this if it wasn’t for that stupid pink. btw olive AA shirts do look very nice. i got one from uneetee a while back and the ladies seem to really dig the color…

the design is pretty sweet reminds me of dr seus which would make an amazing theme. or like children’s books so that woot wouldn’t have to worry about copyrights. but not sure if i want to get another shirt. and not too thrilled about the color as everyone else has said

It’s all in the combination that is chosen for the design. They could have used the pink and orange and switched up the guys to a light blue, the convoluted trumpet to white and put it on royal and it would have gotten alot of love. Had they kept the olive but changed out the orange and pink to yellow and seafoam blue-green, they might have registered more appeal.

I think part of what woot likes to do is push the envelope and force us to think about designs.

then again, I could be wrong about that entirely.

I’m indifferent, for now, but I have to say the olive color for this isn’t as bad as it looks on the screen, I got the Anatomy Test one from like three weeks ago and it was on olive and it looks great. Also, I saw a guy with the Some Assembly Required shirt on at the bar the other night and was really creeped out. Didn’t know AA made 4XLs

Yeah, exactly!

Except for the marry me part.

would be much cooler if it didn’t say “the band” on it!

Reminds me of someone I once knew who was in a band…

Marching Band family here! Wish it had a colorguardsman on it.
Thanks WOOT! Yeah!

i was just going to say that!

do not like the colors…

I’m often even skeptical of the olive-colored shirts I already own, but when I put them on I am always pleased. I’m wearing one right now in fact!

Love the design, even if I wasn’t in the band.

Love the puke green shirt.