Music of Sound

I’m often even skeptical of the olive-colored shirts I already own, but when I put them on I am always pleased. I’m wearing one right now in fact!

Love the design, even if I wasn’t in the band.

Love the puke green shirt.

Woot, how dare you expose our most prized band nerd secrets to the world. For shame!

I like this shirt, I think it’s awesome. I would wear it to the orgy, er um… band practice.

Very 70’s style. Wonder what The Band thinks of it?

I want to like it…I just can’t seem to. :frowning: Makes me sad anyway because I miss being in band. ;_;

This was my reaction too. I think it’s fun and I like the color combination. I wish it was a little bigger, but overall I like it. May be a buy for me. Congratulations on the daily!

I love the retro color combination and design of this. I’d told myself no more shirts, but I may have to get this one anyway.

Great design - hideous colors


Then again, I am odd… And totally into the trippy 60’s motif a-la Sgt. Pepper’s.

Someone needs to do a “Fantastic Planet” themed shirt. I have no talent so I am respectfully requesting it of others. :slight_smile:

great design, agreed. the color choice is cool too, but I’m a MAN and can’t wear the pink to the gym. i might get weights thrown at me. :slight_smile:

this wouldn’t look right if it were placed anywhere but the center…I kind of like the shirt color for this.

nice idea, i just don’t dig the colors really

Dig it.

Nice one today, guys.

kick-a design, but not digging the olive.

I love it. Nice use of the color olive. Keep up the good work.

I think this is great art and very cool colors. Albeit I’m not into the teeny joke shirts.

I had to get it. Olive is not my favorite, in fact, I would very well have liked it to be in black, but I love the design.

I would by this shirt in a second if it weren’t such a heinous color.

But then it wouldnt be this shirt. It would be another shirt, albeit a lot like this one.

wtf?! everyone hating on the color!! ITS my favorite color! i was thinking about getting it just for the color!! and i never buy shirts (i get em for free)