Musical Instruments Bonanza

The Acoustic Guitar package has lots of reviews on Amazon, mostly good. It’s also only $6 more, but free Prime or Super Saver shipping, so really only a dollar more total.

You can treat a symptom, but not cure the disease. Sure, you ask for no cowbell jokes…but what of the dyson sucks jokes? What of the refurbished personal lubricants? WHAT OF THE IS THIS COMPATABLE WITH MY APPLE!!!

And as I write this, it sells out…brace yourself men, we can get through this…wind’s picking up a bit…getting a bit hazy…the CRAPSTORM IS COMINGGGG!!!

Why no love for the southpaws? I’ve been looking for a guitar & shouldn’t have to pay $40 more because I was born different.

To all you buyers - please report back when the item you bought falls apart, so I can say I told you so.

You microphone buyers - I’ll be hearing from you reeeal soon.

Something’s wrong with your hunting technique.
There are many harmonicas available for less than $20.
I’d recommend the Hohner Pocket Pal @ <$10.
Here they are on Amazon.


True enough, You can get the exact same one in the Woot sale for 12$ and the full book for about 14. If you have prime its only a few more dollars ( after shipping ) than the one featured here.

The book that comes with the Woot Sale is a watered down version of Winslow Yerxas other book. Still good, but the full book is actually highly recommended for people starting out. I bought The Woot Offering and if I can get down the stuff in the ‘lite’ book that comes with it ill be purchasing the full copy.

Just wanted to throw in a bit more info for other people that missed out on this deal.


I haven’t seen an answer for the question regarding if the guitar amp will work with the microphone being sold - I’ve looked at a lot of internet sites. No mention of plugging in a mic - does anyone know? Thanks!

It will work but it probably won’t sound very good.
At least not at any considerable volume.

What kind of situation are you using the mic for?

I love our customers and how they reach out to help other wooters.

Thank you for answer the question!

It’s sold out - so yes…


D’OH!!! I really want to learn the violin and this would have been perfect !!! GRRRR

Damnit I knew I wouldnt be first but yes this ^^