Musical Instruments: Start Here



Lots of instruments to bring out the holiday spirit! How would these rank up for a beginner?



and that guitar with amp is a basic beginner guitar. Once you get good, you play at a concert and smash it on stage.


Saw that same violin deal on Walmart’s website for $125.00. So no thank you.


Guido Scratcher!


You know what this deal needs?

More Cowbell!

No, seriously, they’re sold out.


I am going out to the hills and getting weird with that harmonica.


The Kohala (not “Kona”) ukulele is a pretty decent beginner uke, and an ok deal with all the beginner extras.


As far as the stringed instruments and the snare drum, they rank a -0- for a beginner or anyone else. They are poorly and very cheaply made and will have problems from the beginning. The only thing they will accomplish will be to take a person that is very excited about learning music and crash them to the ground. You do not have to spend a mint to find an instrument that is playable, will stay in tune and sound half decent but brand new, you will have to pay more than what is here. But, if you get one of these and you find, as you will, they are not worth squat, you are out your total because you can’t get rid of it even in a yard sale! One way to go is a better instrument that is used. They are not falling out of the trees but good usable and used instruments can be found for a little over $100 and more like $150 but win the student wants to move up, what he has will have value and can then be used to trade up. Or, if they decide music is not what they want, it can be sold and you get some cash back out of it. There are new and beginner instruments that are playable and can be found discounted in the $200 range and up. Look, you get what you pay for. Here you pay little to nothing and you are going to get little to nothing.


Does the ukulele for Dummies come with a helmet?


Earplugs might be helpful.


If anybody in SoCal wants this, but doesn’t need the book or tuner and wants it for less, The Outlet By ELS, now in Azusa (big, new store), has a bunch of these Kona Concert Series Ukeleles w/gig bag for something like $54.99 or $59.99. They originally had them for $74.99, but the last time I was there, I noticed they lowered the price significantly.


I have played viola for about 15 years, and I truly shudder to think what a $99 violin would sound like. I would say the only reasonable use for this would be for a young child to try, but it’s full size which rules out small children.

A full size violin is referred to as 4/4 size. Children still growing usually start with a smaller size and upgrade to a larger size intermediate quality instrument if they stick with it once they’ve matured a bit, physically and otherwise.

I suppose if you, as an adult, really want to try the violin, it could work for a little while, but it would wear out its usage within a few months to a year of serious practicing. After that, you’re going to want to upgrade to at least a higher quality beginner instrument.

In my opinion, a better option regardless would be to visit a local violin shop to rent a beginner instrument.

Learning a string instrument without frets (violin, viola, cello, or double bass) is hard work, much more difficult than things like guitar and drums (for the record I played drums through college, was on my college snare drum line, so I do have a valid point of reference). It is a worthwhile investment to take lessons to have someone to teach and motivate you.

Hope that helps.


and… you beat me to it.


You can get the capo direct from Amazon. $14.99 and eligible for free shipping.


Any suggestions for a good beginner brand?


Seriously? Neither of the ukeleles can be shipped to HAWAII


don’t they, like, already have a bunch?


Ibanez, Fender, and Dean, all make decent starter sets.
If you get the chance try them all out and figure out what feels best in your hands. The brand means less than how it feels to you.

If you can forego the amp, you can jump directly into a better quality guitar but you will likely be buying it used to keep it in the right price range.

Yamaha also makes a very basic starter however I prefer Ibanez and Dean over Yamaha and Fender, with BC Rich being my favorite. Keep in mind where the guitar is produced. The Chinese made instruments are lacking in quality but are the least expensive in general. Fenders made in Mexico aren’t bad. US made will demand a premium but are quality products.


LOL - my thought exactly :->