Musical Instruments

The best thing about these instruments is that you can smash them onstage and not feel too bad, since all of them are shoddy pieces of junk. Don’t be fooled by the “Pro” thing. Any guitar less than $200 is nothing but firewood.

Does the Kona ukelele come with strings attached? I mean are there strings on the instrument? The description of one mentions that strings are included with a bag and tuner. The other description of just the soprano ukulele does not mention strings.

The Kona guitars are full-sized, yes? I assume it would say otherwise but I just want to make sure.

It should come as pictured. Pyle doesn’t always give us a wealth of information for their sales.

They are full sized. Thanks!

I wonder if Pyle, or Woot, paid Fender for use of the word “Strat” in an ad. Either way, I would not buy the kit, although it’s quite inexpensive.

I agree about pro and I don’t particularly trust Pyle for instruments at all, but it’s totally possible to find a perfectly serviceable guitar for under $200. There are normally a few Fenders and Epiphones in the 150-200 range that are fine. They aren’t what you want if you make your living playing instruments, but they are fine for learning or practicing. Many other cheaper options ARE NOT fine even for practicing though.

I can’t speak for these particular instruments; but I recently acquired a Yamaha GL-1 Guitalele, which go for about $100, and can tell you it’s certainly not firewood. I have mine tuned like a Renaissance lute and am thoroughly enjoying it as a beginner’s alternative to spending thousands on a proper instrument. People interested in music certainly oughtn’t be frightened away by general statements about quality and cost. Here are some examples of what is possible on at least one $100 instrument:


[QUOTE=jhhssuu, post:1, topic:419999]]t’s FREE!

That’s pretty funny. Wonder if copyrights were violated, as in “if its on the web, it’s gotta be free! Besides, nobody wiill find out!”

Not to comment on the quality of these particular instruments, but I have 2 guitars that I got at and under $200 which are great. Are they as great as my Martin? Of course not, but they cost 1/10th price, play well and are nice to leave in alternate tunings so I can be lazy when I practice.

I’ve posted this before and I’m going to continue to post it every time these instruments show up again. I am only posting about the flute and clarinet. Please DO NOT buy these instruments for your kids to play in band! Go to a real music store and buy a real instrument. These are poorly made. They will often not even play right new out of the box. Many/most band instrument repair techs will not touch them because they cannot guarantee the repair. If something breaks, they cannot get replacement parts.

I’ve heard the argument before, “Yeah, but my kid’s just staring. They don’t need an instrument that sounds good enough to play in Carnegie Hall.” That is NOT what I’m talking about! I’m talking about getting an instrument that won’t frustrate your kid to the point of quitting, and that will stand up to normal use as well as be repairable. Don’t buy these. You won’t be saving money, you’ll be wasting it, and you’ll be setting your kid up for failure. Would you buy your future baseball star a glove made of Naugahyde? That’s what these are.

If you can’t afford what a real instrument costs, buy a used one from the music store. If you can’t afford that, buy one used somewhere else. Don’t buy the same crap off eBay or anywhere else, though. If the ad says, “Educator Approved,” it most certainly isn’t. If you have someone help you who knows what they’re looking at, you can buy a decent flute or clarinet off eBay for less than $30 that needs less than $100 of work. Ask your kid’s band director for help.

Look at the headstock on the unfinished ‘strat’
Was that done on a miter saw by a 12 year old?
Woot, please stop offering cr*p instruments.
Contact gibson, they have plenty of blemished epiphones. They have a yard sale 1-2 times a year and i can grab a sg loaded w emgs for $140 because there’s a nick in the paint.
People, go to craigslist or your local independent music shop if you need a $100 guitar.

In fairness, that’s a build-it-yourself kit; the headstock is rough-cut & you’re expected to cut it to a final shape, sand, etc.

You also have to finish the guitar yourself (paint/lacquer/whatever).

Yeah and I want my plastic model car KITS to arrive free of flash, full sanded…and glued and painted. How dare they send finish-yourself-kits unfinished!