Musical Instruments

The string instruments advertised here are absolute junk! If you are looking for “wall art” for your den they will be fine. If you want them to make music with, you would be making a huge mistake. I know nothing about the drums and stands but again the string instruments are junk!

I agree with Charlie. I bought a banjo a little while ago, the neck flexed so bad it couldn’t be tuned. By the time you were tuning d, G and D were out. Then, going back and tuning G and D again, it would put g B d out. I was not pleased with the purchase, but Woot did me good by accepting the return

“Music is like math except people understand it.”

Spoken by someone who obviously knows nothing of music theory.

Wow…I searched that Pyle Tenor ukulele — out of 12 reviews at Amazon, 9 were one star.

I’m intrigued by the self-assemble Pyle guitar. However, the description reads that it’s an alder body (that’s good!) but one of the pictures says it’s a basswood body (that’s not as good!). Does anyone have any clarification?

I think I answered my own question:

Thanks! We’ve updated the sale to say basswood for the body.

Is the Banjo Left Handed?

Seriously WTF, does Pyle make everything now?

It’s a standard banjo - strum with the right hand.

Remember, if you’re thinking about getting one of these: you won’t just get an instrument, you’ll get a Pyle!

These things are truly awful. We had one of the small ukeleles for our son, and like others said, the neck flexed so much it couldnt even be tuned. Eventually the neck essentially just broke off the rest of the body. Terrible.

Ageed! It just can not be put better or more plain than that!

I have to say, I bought a Pyle Uke three years ago before my daughter was born, and after three years of abuse (stepping on it, throwing it, knocking it of tables) the only thing that’s wrong with it is that a tuning peg screw ripped out. It plays as OK as it did the day I got it. For 20 bucks, why the hell not? I’ve since bought a more expensive uke, for around $100, and it certainly plays better, but not 5 times better.

My wife bought me one of these for Christmas and I really wanted to love it! I really did get a pretty good one at first, but it was missing an armrest, which was supposed to have been included according to the illustration. I called the seller and was told that they couldn’t send one. I decided to send it back and order a new one. The second one I got didn’t have one either (the armrest), and was told that it didn’t come with one. Apparently there was a problem with the illustration. Anyway, the second one looked good at first but then when I played it it had a very annoying hum. After looking at it for awhile I realized that several of the screws holding the resonator on were loose and the holes in the resonator were actually stripped. So, I packed it up and sent it on its way. The third one arrived this afternoon and I had to check it out closely. This last one had a crack in the bridge and again a stripped screw hole in the resonator. It’s being picked up tomorrow and will make its way back to Amazon. So, I really can’t recommend this instrument. I know that $150 isn’t much for a banjo but i didn’t expect the quality to be this bad. In fact, when I last spoke to Amazon they told me that they were going to pull this banjo off of their listing, but they haven’t yet… THIS is why they are here…

Sorry to burst your bubble of idiocy, but people (in general) do NOT understand music any more than they understand life, the universe and everything… (and I am NOT talking the book)

I plat guitar and ukulele. banjo not so much. In my opinion I have found if its made by Pyle… the it’s a pile of …

Holy damn…I wish I would’ve looked at reviews before I bought the uke. Received it this morning and it’s the hunkest piece of junk I’ve ever seen.


Bought 2 ukuleles and one beginner guitar. My husband started to tune the guitar and moments later the tuner snapped off of the neck. As I felt around on the floor for the pieces buried in the carpet, I felt like an idiot for buying such junk. He confirmed my feelings by placing it back in the box and advising me to email Woot, as he shook his head shamefully. I left the ukuleles in the box, so I can yell at my kids for breaking them and rebuild some of my self-esteem… “this is why we cant have nice things!”. When I previewed my post, Woot changed “id!ot” to “scoundrel”… just laughed out loud. Wonder what they’ll change it to when I hit “Post”.