Musical Instruments



does anyone if the kohala uke is a soprano, concert, tenor or baritone?


This is just a guess, but these kinds of kits are usually soprano; super-basic. The larger sizes are a smaller market, for whatever reason.


anybody know what key the harmonica is?


From the main product photo, it looks like it’s “C”:


Hey, the roll-up drum kit is cheaper at Wal-Mart! By 16 cents, but still cheaper. :slight_smile:


What? no brass instruments? no woodwinds?


ok, so maybe the harmonica is a woodwind… but how about a bass clarinet?


I have a Selmer Mark VI in storage I can sell you.


A 99-dollar violin:


Let the comments comprised of ‘trust me’, ‘I assure you’, and ‘my teacher’, commence.


Do hobos still stoop to pick up 16-cents?


Does anyone else appreciate the irony that you can’t get the Ukulele for Dummies pack shipped to Hawaii? I guess they already have enough people playing the ukulele there.


for $99?


What?! No tamborine?!?! I can play the hell out of a tamborine! I want to be a professional tamborine player for Spoon.


Yeah, but then you have to deal with the slimy, gross feeling of having bought something at Wal-Mart.


Tambourine is harder to play than most people realize…everyone thinks they can do it…but ask a real percussionist (not a kit drum player but a percussionist) how many can actually pull it off!


I wanna triangle!


anyone know who makes the violin? is it actually the same as the one in the video linked above?


I have the Kyser KG6B Quick Change Capo and I use that on my Ukulele.

So far I’ve been using it for almost a year now and still works fine. I really recommend this one if you’re in need of a capo.

I think everyone should get one, professional or not. I like to change up the pitch (using a capo would make it higher) of the Ukulele or Guitar. It makes it cute at times.


It isn’t; though I suppose it’s not entirely impossible that it might be from the same factory. I can’t speak for the product offered here; but these inexpensive violins can certainly be playable and suitable for learning on.