MusicLites Speaker LED Light 3pk Special

I bought 2 of these in the Past but with the 3.5mm jack transmitter, Can Anyone please tell me if these Light would work with my 3.5mm transmitter seeing that this one comes with the Apple 30pin transmitter.

Buyer says:
Yes, they would work with the 3.5mm transmitter.

Thanks Manhansha (but dont you mean Seller Says ?instead of Buyer?:slight_smile:

No, I mean our buyer. Woot’s buyer.

??!!-Surer you meant the " Amazon" buyer as I doubt that Woot as I USED to know & Love no longer exists since being absorbed by Amazon😩
It’s no longer the quirky,CHEAP!,and diverse Deal maker that I used to wait until 1:00 a.m. to check out the REAL Bargains!!:blush::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::weary:
John H

The teams of buyers that I sit with would disagree. There’s a lot more competition for product now than there was back then.