Muslim Festivals in Kerala


A Kerala Tourism will offer a rare picture of secular co-existence and religious harmony. Miladi Sharif or barah wafat, the Birthday celebration of Prophet Mohammed, is a major Muslim festival in Kerala that falls on the 20th of April.
During these days, learned men deliver sermons on the life and noble deeds of the Prophet, night-long discourses are conducted by Muslim Ulemas on various aspects of the life of the Prophet. Thus through the celebrations connected with the Miladi Sherif, the Muslim masses get an opportunity to be enlightened on the life and teachings of the Prophet.
The celebration of the Miladi Sherif in certain parts of the State, for instance Ponnani, is marked by busy activity connected with large scale feeding of the poor. Here in the Muslim Center, one finds that the town active during the whole night busily engaged in the charitable work of supplying food to the poor.
Recently Miladi Sherif celebration has assumed greater importance in Kerala. Colorful processions are also held through the towns reciting Thakbir and finally converge on some central place where public meetings are held. Well-known speakers address these public gatherings on the various aspects of the Prophet’s life.


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Well, for those not into the heavier and more thoughtful celebrations, may I present you with some other summer options. Some of these have the side benefit of being closer to home.

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Read these and comment on your favorite.

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