Mustache Vineyards Mixed Red Case

Mustache Vineyards Mixed Red Case
Sold by: AH Wines (H-G Vineyards)
$99.99 $216.00 54% off List Price
2014 Mustache Merlot, Lodi
2013 Mustache Zinfandel, Lodi
2015 Mustache Pinot Noir, California
2014 Mustache Cabernet Sauvignon, Lodi

The Cause Marketing by Mustache Vineyards with ZERO seems to be a very well run 501c3.

While I applaud all efforts to fight Cancer and support charities in general, including Mustache Vineyards; I have a very personal dislike for Cause Marketing.

I donate to more than 40 charities every year across a wide spectrum including Cancer research, Environmentalism, Animals Rescues, Hunger Drives, Educational and Spirituals, Poverty and Homeless, Various types of Medical Research, Domestic and Abroad. I do this in mostly financial efforts but also is time and gifts.

My personal dislike is that in tactics of Cause Marketing:

  1. Companies don’t do cause marketing solely to give, but also to get more of your business. Surveys show that almost 90 percent of consumers say that given similar price and quality, they’re likely to switch to a brand associated with a good cause.

  2. It is also more self-serving than donating $18 directly.

  3. A donation is tax-deductible, unlike a cause-marketing purchase, for which the company selling the product gets the tax deduction for charitable giving.

  4. It does not allow me the opportunity to use multipliers the corporation I work for provides when the employees donate (We both get tax benefits and thus are both incentivized for donating (and for those that will question, any charity qualifies under my employer, including Zero, the donation cannot be tied to a sale, and the donation must be directly made)

The first three reasons are actually well said in the first linked article below.

For me personally, drop the price by $18 and I will contribute to the charities directly and my employer will match my donation.

-> Consumer Reports: A donation-with-purchase might not be the best way to support a charity

-> Charity Navigator: ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer


Fair enough, but what did you think of the wine?

And what did you think of the whine?

Purchased this some time ago when the distributor liked SC.

My recollections are that these are drinkable, though unremarkable wines of uncertain QPR. I won’t miss them.


Lab Ratted the 2013 Merlot earlier this year(not included here, but the 2014 is). Good table wine/everyday drinker for the price. Fruity(berry), mildly earthy, clean dry finish but not tannic.

To each their own…appreciate your opinion :slight_smile:

We are awaiting our renewal license for SC…but email me directly at and I can honor this price once SC is back on our hip to list-which should be very soon!

Thank you for your nice description of our wine :slight_smile:

Hey no problem. Do you guys have a tasting room? I’m up in Sacto often and tend to head out to Placerville to taste, but I know there are a couple of wineries down Lodi way, too.

“A couple of wineries”? Lodi is replete with good wines and wineries. Michael & David Phillips for example. Do yourself a favor and taste Lodi.