Mustek 1.5” Digital Photo Frame and Alarm Clock

here’s the manufacturer’s website

and some FAQs

It is interesting how much this frame/clock looks like a walkie talkie from other angles.

Funny mistake a side can anyone link somewhere or a video so I can see if the pictures when displayed look even half way decent. I am not expecting much for the price, but I have seen some digital frames that just mangle a picture.

Can you set this up so that the backlight stays on all night? It can be very annoying to have to find the backlight button/switch in the dark.

Wow, this alarm clock has a speaker outlet and a mic outlet. Now, all it needs is a squelch feature!

Does this have a built in thermometer that reads the indoor temperature or is it transmitted the outdoor temperature? If it’s indoor temperature, I feel like that has very little, if any, usefulness.

only two reviews, but they seem good.

120×80 pixels?

I’ll have the walkie-talkies please!

Does this clock operate on the GMRS/FRS bands?

Nice x-mas gifts … wish I could buy more than 3 …

Why not just sleep with the lights on? Who wants a bright backlight shining toward them as they sleep when you can have an overhead light serving the same annoying function.

How does the file storage work on these frames? It says that the frame stores up to 60 pictures in memory… if you try to upload a picture bigger than its resolution, will it be automatically resized (in terms of file size) in the file system to that resolution, or will it just eat up more internal memory?

Amazon reviews make it sound OK,

But, comments from owners on Engadget are not very enthusiastic about a 128 x 128 version.

on the battery front, does anyone know if you can plug this thing into an outlet?

The 120 x 80 Pixel resolution is lower than my cheap cell phone’s 128 x 160 pixels.

The manufacturers website lists that it can be powered by batteries (AAA for the LCD and a 3V battery for the clock) as well as 5 volt USB. Meaning if you want to plug it into the wall you will need an adapter to plug the USB cable into the wall. Otherwise you will need to use your computer, and have it on at all times.

Are we sureabout this?
Clock display: year/month/day/hour/minute

It doesn’t look like there is room for all that data on the little display. Does it use the photo screen?

It gives you the temperature of the room it’s in, or does it get useful data and show outside temp?

I am in for six. How?

Just set up another Woot account, but use a different e-mail and a different credit card (Woot keeps track of purchases by credit card, if you try to use the same card on two different account names, it says “That card has been used already.”

I have one set up for PayPal and one set up for my debit card.

Funny thing is, the PayPal links to the same debit card, but Woot looks at PayPal as a separate account payment means.

Well seeing how these are $26 on Amazon, I bought six on Woot. Will make fantastic stocking stuffers.

Pretty amazing for the price. 10 years ago these would have been $150 on Sharper Image.