Mustek 1.5” Digital Photo Frame and Alarm Clock


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there is no U in (oh there is?)

Mustek 1.5” Digital Photo Frame and Alarm Clock [New] - $3.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Mustek PF-E150 1.5” Digital Photo Frame w/Alarm Clock

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No more picture frames!!!


That is a tiny photo frame.


Huh. Didn’t even know the cables were gone that quick.


Agreed. Let’s get some more knives.


but this has an alarm clock too =)


Im not saying i want BOC, im saying this is traaayyyyyyyshhhh!




Woot is 6 right? so they’ll have 6 different picture frames.


I’ve got one of these. It is very nice to have sitting next to me at work all day long. Gives me validation to complain when the office is freezing cold.


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Mustek 1.5" Digital Photo Frame and Alarm Clock
$3.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Mustek PF-E150 1.5" Digital Photo Frame w/Alarm Clock

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now i can have a picture of my cat waking me up as my cat wakes me up


$3.99 photo frame = junk.


what happened to the cables


i THINK woot is broken…it never showed sold out on the cables.


Come on now, me need more Roombas.


I get it now - they are giving us the BeeOhhCee, but they are selling it to us one item at a time.


Good, Woot is back to cheap electronic carp, instead of knives and luggage.

Bring on the Screaming Monkey please!!!


okay people - it’s not that expensive, grab them as gifts for co worker for next Christmas. make sure you grab 3