Mustek 1.5” Digital Photo Frame and Alarm Clock

more crap, now we just need a bag

Can a person win multiple woots during a wootblast?

everyone buy these as stocking stuffers, im sure there will be a lot of them

i feel like it should come in a bag with other crap… say in about an hour?

wow dont get too big a screen u might actually c it

use the coupon use the coupon

Wake up and stare at whomever you hate.

Because you ain’t lovin anyone at that moment.

I sense many a grandparent purchasing christmas gifts at this very moment.

these are not that bad… make great stocking stufers.

i can think of some scary pics to put on this thing to wake me up in the AM

Second time tonight as first sucker… Bought 3, will make great stocking stuffers

Put that in english.

when did this wootoff start?

yellow-bar-lag much?

what coupon? been wooting since 2008 and do not have this coupon…

serendipity coupon code and you get it for $1.99 with free shipping

Yay, cheap presents! In for 3!

Mom wanted a new small alarm clock. This looks like a step up from the crappy ones at WallyWorld!

Why does it need AAA batteries AND a button battery?

Coupon code not working for me. Poop.