Mustek MBT-H120 Bluetooth Headset


I own one from a previous woot… it works satisfactorily. Not great, but it’s a good price! Now only if it came with a USB dongle for internet telephony or multiplayer games…

The 1 cent woots made me happy… I’ve already wooted one of those LG headsets, DO NOT NEED!


Hate there scanners. Will try these. Still loving the jabra’s from woot!

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Mustek MBT-H120 Bluetooth Headset
$7.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Mustek MBT-H120 Bluetooth Headset

just an FYI, mustek is a foreign company, and their tech support is second to everyone but dell. I wouldn’t know about this company at all except for woot.

same sold on woot 3/07 for $14.99

FYI - Doesn’t work with the iPhone. iPhone needs Bluetooth 1.3 and above.

HELLS YEAH, i’m the first sucker!!!

why couldnt it be like that for the BOC or the ADS video grabber or something awesome lol

is it ps3 compatible?

I need one for when I travel. So, you know. Might as well since its cheaper than cheap.

They need Bag of Craps on this site!

super cheap for a bluetooth… not bad at all… liking these new sellout woots, definitely… just don’t get this and start acting like a silly jerk in the grocery store kidz… no one likes that… oh yeah… here’s sellout woot useful linkage… comparison links… that’s it tonite.

heck, I lost my charger for my blue tooh headset, and the company will sell me one for $39.98 so I bought 3 for less than 1 charher would have cost me plus I get 3 chargers and 3 headsets, not a bad woot.

I snagged one from woot earlier this year. They’re not kidding about the quiet environment. I can’t even hear the caller when my apartment’s air conditioning turns on, much less while driving. Also, you have to talk pretty loud to be heard clearly on the other end as well.

It is cheap though, so it may be worth it for some people in certain situations. But you should be aware of just how quiet it needs to be to have a good conversation.

Well I needed a new blue tooth head set. This is a great deal for me last one I bought on sale cost 22 bucks and it sucks. So I have better hopes for this one.

This will be perfect for ebay in for 2

i bought these from previous woot.

Honestly, don’t have a problem with them. Mediocre battery life. Sometimes if your in a dark car or a dark room and have it on the blue flashing can get annoying/distracting.

The way it works is you turn it on and it connects to your phone. It stays connected for like 5 minutes then it disconnects. If you get a phone call you have to press the button on the headset and wait 15-20 seconds while it re-connects. So no as good for answering phone calls as for making them.

You just press the button once, speak the name, and ur phone will call the person u want to. I liked this and I’d buy it again if i needed it.

with shipping costs should always purchase three. Just makes cents :wink: