Mustek MBT-H120 Bluetooth Headset

Ummm…how far is 10 meters anyway? ha ha ha

Link to MBT-H120 description including “visual tour” on Mustek’s website:

Oh and…

This comes with a “soft bag” did ya notice? Yahoo ain’t ready for the hard stuff yet!!

FYI, the eBay prices are actually cheaper if you look at the completed sales…I seriously doubt that one going for $38.99 is going to sell considering the one that did sell was like $3… Now those Klpisch speakers on the other hand… :smiley:

I, too, am interested in PS3 compatibility.

I found this:

Seems most cell phone bluetooth headsets will work with the PS3.

So if there isn’t a SmartPost snail, does that mean it is FedExed?

does anyone have this item already ?

how is the sound quality?

first woot.


i bought 3 of these from a previous woot and ended up returning all 3 (thanks for taking them back, Woot!). they were uncomfortable, way too big, and worst of all, they seemed to turn themselves off if they were idle for a while. I only opened and tried one of the three, so maybe it was just defective, but i wasn’t pleased.

LEMON. I bought 2 from a previous woot at a higher price ($15 each). One was DOA, which Woot graciously refunded, and another stopped working later (wouldn’t charge).
It’s probably worth spending a little bit more for higher quality - you get what you pay for.

Retail price is around 40 bucks. So for 7 bucks, not bad.

I don’t do a lot of calling, but when I do, it’s usually in my room, for at least a half hour. This’ll make that much easier, freeing up my hands. Wooted for 1.

Sorry woot. My comment, “whatdafudge wrote:maybe for $.01… pass”, didn’t mean it is an inferior product not worthy of being sold via your site (or yahoo for that matter). I am just not a Bluetooth headset type of person… It seems silly to me still to have that hanging on your ear.


Why the censorship? The “first” comment is a reply to my comment which no longer exists before it…

Anyway, thanks for the $.01 mice the other day, I can use those…

Cheapest I’ve ever seen a bluetooth headset. I bought 3.

guess ill see how well these work my son loves his

I bought one fro another Woot and paired it with a Treo 650. The sound quality is terrible. People have a huge problem hearing . I was constantly having to remove the haedset to be heard. Whats the point!

It’s ok. The battery seems to last forever.

I bought three of these. One for each cell phone and another for skype. It was OK for a while, but the quality seemed to drop over time. I finally lost two of them and decided to replace them with something else. The price is hard to beat, and the Musetek is fine for figuring out if a bluetooth headset is good for you, but I wouldn’t rely on it long term.

Bought one from a previous woot. It sticks. Hard to hear and the volume doesn’t turn up loud enough to be able to make it any better. Your better off buying zen 350 in ear one from a side deal at ecost, thats what I did twice at 9.99 a piece.

After getting one off woot back a while ago, Im not sure Id even get it at this price. The only good thing I liked about it was the battery life was great. Sound quality was so so, volume I had all the way up and had trouble hearing. While driving at night that blue light is annoying as getting the your in line page for a bundle of candles and finding you didnt get it.

The worst part of it though is the constant disconnect. Its worthless as a bluetooth to pick up calls, cause after about 10 seconds or so of inactivity it disconnects, then takes too long to reconnect. The amount of time to reconnect I can juggle the phone out of my pocket while driving and answer the call. The whole reason I orginally bought it was to avoid that.

I got one of these in a previous woot— it works, but man it doesn’t fit well on my ear. My ear actually gets sore wearing this. No problems with my motorola one though. I would pass, unless you need a cheapie to substitute while you charge your other one.

[Edit] I do NOT have big ears. Just clearing that up.

No two-fers on sellout.woot??