Mustek MBT-H120 Bluetooth Headset

I got one in March and I agree with all the comments about comfort, long battery life and quick disconnects. Buy this to decide of you like blue tooth headsets or as an emergency spare.

I have one, and it performs about how you would expect a $15 bluetooth headset to perform…periodically has irregular behavior and isn’t that great for audio quality. That said, this costs less than $15…so if you wanna try out a bluetooth headset to see if you like it, this is a good buy. If you want a serious headset, especially if you plan to use it to do business, I don’t think this is what you want, but for someone who casually talks on the phone, it’s pretty good.

The purple still throws me off.

Good to see you back!

i was wondering, as this is my first woot,
if and how you get confirmation when you buy something,
because it doesnt show up in “your account”
under “what you’ve bought”

seriously? its called sarcasm dude…

21% bought 3

straight to ebay without unpacking?

If your purchase went through, you should at least get a confirmation e-mail. Or, you could try purchasing again. If it allows a purchase the second time, your first try wasn’t accepted.

awesome…mine doesnt work

Neither does mine. It won’t turn on. Anyone else?

I can’t get mine to turn on either. It’s been charging 13 hours now. Even though it says to charge 24 hours, this thing should still have a little juice.

Mine also doesn’t turn on. I have charged mine over 24 hours now. Will someone at Woot help with this… This is a piece of junk.

Twenty-three hours and forty-five minutes worth of AC, and this thing is deader than Harold Stassen. Can we blame this on Yahoo?

Mine isn’t working either; after 24+ hours of charging. I got two of them. One for me and one for my sis. I’m going to check to see if her’s works when i get off work.

What a piece of shit. I can see one unit not working, but we’ve got six non-functioning units so far.

mine wont turn on either after charging 24+ hours.

mine wont turn on either…i bought three i i will check the other 2 when i get home

I charged mine for 48 hrs and it still won’t turn on… is there something special we need to do?
else, does Woot take back junk?

Add another to the list of busted headsets. Charged 26+ hours. Still shows a red light (the light is supposed to go off when done charging). Figured I’d chance it and give it a try… and nothing. We could really use some help from the woot powers that be here.

I bought 3. I tried 2 of them and neither one will turn on after 24 hours of charging. I guess I will try the other one tomorrow.

Is this another woot special? I got a BOX 'O CRAP!