Mustek MDC-4000 4MP Digital Camera

My grandma has a nicer digicam than this. Time to pack up and head home.

this is the official woot-off killer …

that could be the worst color i have ever seen on a camera.

oh my god, that’s terrible. i hope they only have 2 of these

just one blow after the other…


Already have a few digi cameras. Gonna pass and wait for the next thing.


MAN! Talk about ugly!!!

eww…i threw up a little in my mouth

zzzz Snore and Big Fugly A real woot rester… Try 3 Buy 3 NEXT

I can’t imagine anyone buying this POS…


already have it differnt model though nice camera for so 50 bucks

no optical zoom, and worse, fixed focus.

Kid’s toy. Sorry.

does that say mustache brand?

That is the ugliest camera I have ever seen!

looks like it belongs in a BOC :frowning:

well i guess il go take a shower… this is going to take a while

How muc more crap are they going to come up with before we get some god stuff … Like another bag of crap would be better than this .